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I think this photo is so important. So many people think rabbits are just a fluffy animal for them to carry around like a teddy, and think they’re really cheap and easy to look after. Definitely some very important facts that everyone should know.


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Hahaahaha Sorry if this is an inappropriate post, but I think it’s hilarious. Zoey was just burrowing in a big pile of clean laundry, and came out with a pair of my underwear around her neck. She is very confused as to why Jordan and I are laughing hysterically. LOL

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don’t trust people who don’t support you as you try to grow into a more mature and self-realized person. don’t confide in people who aren’t as interested in your triumphs as they are in your downfalls.

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My day with my girls. It was a good one. ♥

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Someone is completely ignoring me tonight…and that same someone is beginning to molt! Oh the life of a bunny mom… At least I have more bunny hair to add to the multiple bags that I have already collected…there is an art project I can use it for, I just know it! 😉🐰♥

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My dogs eyes are gorgeous.

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Finally feeling better.  

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Zoey trying to play with Ava. Ava is such a good sport! I am surprised she hasn’t freaked out on Zoey yet.

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I just gave Zoey her first bath. She doesn’t smell like pee anymore, yay!

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Zoey and Daddy Bear.

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Lovelovelove. Zo is welcome everywhere around here, and two people have taken her picture. :) (at Shorty’s)

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important psa about buns

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